New Hope Counseling Services

Journeying Together to New Hope

Located in downtown Indianapolis, our team of counselors provides faith-based, confidential counseling for individuals, couples, families, and children. We invite you to journey with us to find renewed direction in life, relief from suffering and symptoms, and/or an increased sense of hope in life.  We welcome the privilege of doing so, regardless of where you are in your faith journey.  Our counselors respect the role that faith may or may not play in a person's life and we seek to meet you where you are.

Counseling may or may not be about a crisis you are facing; it is often healthy people who use proactive counseling to preempt issues.  Still, hardships in life take many different shapes and sizes.  Sometimes they come in the form of unmet expectations or unrealized dreams.  Other times it is a relationship that feels broken beyond repair or the grief and loss that creep into our lives and take away our hope for the future.

Whether you are in crisis or desire to use counseling proactively to preempt issues, New Hope Counseling is here to journey with you.

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