Preparing for Your Appointment

What to expect

      Walking through our doors is a real step toward a more full life. We recognize whether this is your first counseling experience or not that meeting a counselor for the first time can be a challenging experience. Wherever you are as you walk in our doors, we are here to meet you with compassion, patience, and without judgment.

      For security, our building is sometimes locked. Your counselor will meet you at the external door located behind the building close to your appointment time. You may wait at the door or inside your car in the parking lot. If the door is unlocked you are welcomed to sit in our waiting room until your appointment. Our offices are located up the stairs and on your right at the end of the hallway.


       We believe that the soil for new hope is an open, honest, and trusting relationship with your counselor. This relationship is built and nurtured through strict confidentiality. 

Payment options

       We accept cash, check, credit cards, and health savings accounts. We currently do not accept insurance. However, we plan to do so in the near future. 

Setting up an appointment

       To set up an appointment, please contact us with your availability, any counseling preferences, and any questions regarding counseling. 


      Please fill out the appropriate forms below and bring to your first session. If you do not have access to a printer, contact us and we will arrange to have paperwork available prior to your first session. Four couples appointments, each partner needs to print and complete all forms with the exception of the "Appointment Reminders" form.




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